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About 2024 ISSA AWARDS


The International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA) was established by Tamanie Dove, a singer-songwriter originally from Nashville, now residing in Atlanta, with a deep commitment to supporting and serving independent artists. ISSA’s mission extends to encouraging aspiring and professional singers and songwriters across various music genres on a global scale.

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Yes SB fans! Let’s go! It’s ISSA AWARDS TIME! SB does Atlanta... I wanna see that movie! 🤣

Anyways, we’re nominated in multiple categories and there are multiple per page so please go through each page carefully

👉You can hit CONTROL F- to bring up a search box and search ‘Stefani Kleppe’ and Synthetik Blonde each page and makes it super easy!

Categories we’re in:
International Female Rising Star: Stefani Kleppe
International Female Album of the Year: Stefani Kleppe 
International Band of the Year: Synthetik Blonde
International Female Single of the Year: Stefani Kleppe Manic Mind
International Female Music Video of the Year: Stefani Kleppe Dreams Of You

🔥click to vote: 

Need to knows:  
🔥Voting will take place throughout the month of April and end on the 30th at midnight est. The Top 30 Finalists will be announced LIVE via Facebook on May 2nd.
🔥One vote per day, per device (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc) per I.P. address is allowed.

🔥🔥🔥🔥 NO CHEATING! Any “bad” votes detected by our system or ballot box stuffing will eliminate excessive votes AND the nominee.


More questions about how you can support Synthetik Blonde or get involved, reach out to us! 

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