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Electrifying Sounds, 80s melodrama vibes.
Dive into the pulsating beats and neon-lit landscapes of Synthetik Blonde's discography. From their debut album to chart-topping singles, their music electrifies and transcends boundaries. Love the 80s? be sure to check out Dreams of You Music video full of neon dreamscape melodrama nostalgic to Michael Jackson, Bonnie Tyler and Madonna.

Discography & Highlights

Dreams of You ~ Official Music Video ~ now playing

~NOW STREAMING ~ Listen now


Dark Side Of Your Love (June 12th) (event details)


We Found Passion (Synthetik Blonde & William Lovitt)

Drive All Night [Still Leave Me Breathless]
Bad Girl (Synthetik Blonde & William Alexander)
Last Christmas Synthwave version (Synthetik Blonde, The Safetyword & Vini Cruz)
Last Christmas Retrowave version (Synthetik Blonde & Vini Cruz)
Call On Me

Manic Mind
​Do You Wanna Know

PIECES - 8 track (concept album)
~features many of our loved tracks listed below

*Production begins for our "Dreams Of You" music video
Love is the Answer
Dreams Of You
Under My Skin
I Am Free
Dreams Of You - Remix (Willow)
New Addiction
Fire & Ice
New Addiction - Dirty Disco Remix

Synthetik Love - 8 track (concept album)
La La La
Fly With Me
In Love
Without You
Blue Moon
Pure Love
Synthetik Love

I want you - single release
Lets Go Dancing - single release
Sunglasses At Night - single release
White Wedding - single release
Stairway To Heaven - single release
9 Crimes - single release
We Built This City - single release

***A Synthetik Blonde cover: ‘Sunglasses At Night’ was so unique in sound it required official permission from Canadian icon, Corey Hart, to release it.

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